Survival Tips for the Holidays

We asked our readers, kids experienced in making it through the frenzy, for their expert advice...

  1. Watch your spending.
  2. Dress for the weather.
  3. Be careful when you walk in the street.
  4. Shop early.
  5. If your mom needs help, help her. triclops
  6. Don't drink and drive.
  7. Visit the sick.
  8. Buy a tree, have a party!
  9. Cook your food well.
  10. Spend within your means.
  11. Eat before you go to someone else's house.
  12. Greet people with a smile and say "Happy Holidays!"
  13. If your parents are gone when you wake up, play video games and make sure there is enough food to eat.
  14. Don't get too wrapped up in the presents, your family is most important.
  15. Go into your room and drink hot cocoa.
  16. Do all the stuff ahead of time.

  17. 1 Stay healthy before the holidays come. Make a limit of only one sweet a day.
  18. 2. DonŐt forget to say "thank you" to anyone who gives you gifts.
  19. 3. Send thank you notes to any people who send you gifts.
  20. 4. Don't leave when someone is talking (especially if theyŐre talking to you).

    Always be cheerful

  21. Bring snacks
  22. Bring a wet cloth to wipe sticky hands
  23. Go to the toilet before a trip
  24. Bring water
  25. Bring first aid-tools
  26. Don't go on a trip hungry

illustration by Linda Sarkadi, age 11

- originally published in the Holiday 1994 issue of ZuZu

Share some of the ways your family survives the holidays in the box below.


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