Bottlecap Art
snake bottlecap art snake
an urban homage to the ingenuity of southern and southwestern folk art, 
my bottlecap figures and snakes have been exhibited and sold at the Museum of American Folk Art 
gift shops and other retail markets in New York and Los Angeles
snake snake
each figure is approximately 19" tall (from top of "hair" to bottom of wooden body) 
bottlecaps strung on wire for arms and legs measure an additional 15" long 

figures and skeletons are $100 ea. plus shipping
snake snake snake
Each snake is approximately 4' long with a handpainted wooden head,
button rattle-tail and golf tee fangs
the bottlecaps are strung on heavy wire and can be posed or hung on the wall 

snakes are $75 ea. plus shipping
E-mail me if you would like additional details.


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