on the job
on the job

Sculptor Matthew Josephs
shows us how science and art go hand in hand at The American Museum of Natural History
- interview by Gustavo Agosto-DaFonseca , age 12.

I must say one of the best places you can visit this summer is The American Museum of Natural History. This year, the museum is celebrating 127 years since it first opened its doors in 1870. Major renovations have been done to the Fossil Halls.

It takes more than anthropologists to put together the ancient skeletons. There are also artists at work at the museum and we met one of them. Sculptor Matthew Josephs took us into the workshop where a team of sculptors work on pieces that help display fossils. He was very nice and allowed me to touch real fossilized bones.

- originally published in the Summer 1995 issue of ZuZu.

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