A Scottish Christmas by Rebecca Scobie, age 13


Christmas in Scotland is not all that different from other countries. Kids get really excited about Santa Claus coming down the lum - chimney - and filling up their stockings with presents and sweets. Adults are more likely to spend Christmas day with their families and friends having a traditional Christmas lunch of chicken or turkey with all the trimmings, such as potatoes, gravy, etc.

A traditional pudding made from fruits, suet and flour is called a clootie dumpling and sometimes contains small good luck charms, such as silver coins. This would be served hot with cream for the children and whiskey or brandy-flavored custard sauce for the adults.

It is commonly believed that Scotland has "White Christmases" but actually it is very rare for there to be any snow on the ground at Christmas.

Rebecca Scobie lives in Ayr, Scotland. She learns all about New York City from her pen pal, also named Rebecca!

- originally published in the Holiday 1993 issue of ZuZu

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