title for cosmikanga

Print out these frames and glue onto individual index cards in the same position.
(upper right corner is the best)
Staple the left edge together, or use a rubber band to keep the cards stacked in a little book.
Flip them cards with your thumb, and watch the kanga go cosmik!
And hop backwards onto earth again...
Use color or add images to customize your flipbook.

title1 title2 title3
title4 title5 title6
title7 title8 title9
title10 title11 title12
title13 title14 title15
title16 title17 title18
title19 title20 title21
title22 title23 title24
title25 title26 title27

Watch the mini-movie and then make your own.

Flip-Book art project by SPECK artist Alison Hopkins.


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