Flights of Fancy

Poetry or predictions? - you decide...

floor-o-matic Future Fiction
by Brigitte Teissedre, age 13

I imagine the world one day will be
a place of high technology.

Everything will be in our command
solely with the touch of a hand.

People will travel place to place
without the need of a suitcase.

rocket dogs

The clothes people will wear
won't have to be washed or won't even tear.

Things we never imagined will come true
like a portable telephone shoe.

Science fiction may no longer be
because it will be a reality.

But even if all this becomes realization,
science fiction will still occur in all imagination.

The Nearest Future
by Jamie Bratslavsky, age 13

The nearest future is about to be born.
The clothing we are now wearing, will no longer be worn.

We will remodel cars, buildings, and even cigarettes,
There will even cross-breeding of household pets.


We will experience other planets, which is something we're all looking for
We will set up biospheres, and much, much more.

The ozone layer holes will probably be fixed.
Tensions between races will settle and peacefully be mixed.

Endangered species will hopefully be saved,
and cracked sidewalks will finally be paved.

Our televisions will extend to the size of our rooms,
and less time to clean with electric brooms.

The nearest future will be somewhat fun...
But wait! I'm not yet done,

Maybe a U.F.O. will be found, and, hopefully, ZuZu will still be around.

3 headed alien I'm Looking Out!
by Henry Baez, age 9

Come with me so you can see,
the wonderful things the future holds for you and me.

Technology is moving rapidly
from computers to SEGA & CDs.

Our world is changing and hopefully there will be
no more violence, or hatred or animosity.

We'll live in peace one and all.
United we'll stand, brave and tall.

And through it all you will see
The future looks brighter for you and me.

The future's ahead of us, it's exciting and new
and filled with so much to do.

alien ALIENS
by Brandon Ng, age 9

Aliens are all over the place,
some as big as the world, some as small as a case.

Aliens like people to eat
some weird aliens use people to wash their feet.

Aliens are us in space.
Also, aliens, I think, love to eat lace.

I one met an alien named LuLu,
He said, "I really like the magazine, ZuZu!"

by Nina Svatovic and Nina Clemente, age 11

I hate my nose, I hate my hair,
the meat behind my ears is rare

my butt is big, my nails are long,
all my bones are as big as king kong's

my legs are bruised, my teeth are black,
my pimples have popped, my lips are chapped,
I think my spine has already cracked,

but most of all, there is one more thing,
I'm from out of space,
a place so big that has never been faced face to face.... I'M AN ALIEN!!!!

There'll Come Freshness
by Ralph Patrick Nicolas, age 15

There'll come freshness and the scent of the ground.
And wonderful orioles bringing melodic sound.

With sneaky crickets in the woods singing at night.
While chemical bombs are bursting in a fight.

Robins will always keep their shiny, feathery body
whistling their soft whims without pity.

And not one will care of the technological weapons
that will be destroying the future with guns.

As mankind will be releasing their atomic powder,
their laser weaponries, Mother Nature won't even bother.

And Spring herself, when she wakes up at dawn,
will scarcely notice that we were all gone!

- all the above published in the Spring 1995 issue of ZuZu, except Psychotic, which appeared in the July/August 1993 issue.

Artwork from top: Floor-o-matic by Yardanna Platt & Rena Wasser, age 11; dog rocker by Victor Quinones, age 8; cat by Aya; 3-heads by Sara Berger, age 11; octoarms by Leon Hartman, age 8; psychotic by Perry Simonov, age 7.


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