Flights of Fancy

The following pieces were submitted by Grade 4D, Roosevelt #7 in Garfield, NJ!

Our Halloween Night
by Joshua Z.

Goblins are green
And witches are black
Oh look! a cat is on the witch’s hat
Watch that werewolf
He’s on his way
Oh no!
My cats having a bad day.

Halloween Night
by Jason Christopher Barrett

Trick or treating at a haunted house
Caused us to see a little mouse
He said he saw a white ghost
Who was definitely eating toast
The werewolf howled at the moon
He really was a goon.

On Halloween
by Joseph F.

On Halloween night costumes are every where
Friends see witches,goblins, and ghosts who are in a pair
Hey, my jack-o-lanterns are floating in the air
It’s a spooky time!

by Nick M.

Witches are mean
Cats are black
Pumpkins are seen all around town
Some of them have a frown
Ghosts & goblins everywhere
Lots of people give a stare
Halloween is scary !

Goblins and Vampires
by Nawaf T.

Goblins are green
what a scene
Vampires need blood
But never in a flood
Halloween is great
With all my candy on a plate

Scary Night
by Samantha C

Halloween, holloween
oh, what a scary night
Witches and skeletons ,oh what a fright!
Black cat,
Fat cat
On the witches lap!
Trick or treaters go to the house
to get a big clap!

by Christina S.

Boo! Boo! I see you.
Picking at a pumpkin patch.
Black cats.
Fat cats.
Witches goblins too.
A full moon comes on Halloween night.
Witches ghosts- oh what a fright!

The Halloween Night
by Alyssa G.

Halloween is a very scary time
When the ghosts say, ‘’Boo’’ to the witches
The fat cat jumps on the witch’s lap.
Halloween is so much fun.
We get lots of yummies.
Which soon go in our tummies
Yum,yum, yummies
Bye,bye to ghosts and goblins
Boo! Boo to you!
Happy Halloween!

Halloween Night
by Anita K.

Ghosts are the most
And they make yummy toast.
Witches give a fright
Especially at Halloween night.
Ghost busters give us a scare.
They remove the ghosts in the air.

Witches and Goblins
by Glen C.

Witches and goblins spook the night!
They certainly are quite a fright.
You`d better watch out. Here they come! Run fast! Good night!

The Spooky Halloween Night
by Amanda M.

I went in a haunted house
And I saw a big fat mouse
I saw witches, goblins, ghosts
And said, "Oh my!"
The ghosts responded with a sigh
Now it's time to say "Bye bye!"

Halloween Night
by Corinne l.

Inside the haunted house
It’s as quiet as a mouse.
The full moon is very bright
Lighting up the Halloween night.
Children running everywhere-
Trick or treat if you dare.

The Vampire
by Anwar S.

Vampires like lots of blood
But not enough to cause a flood
They can turn into bats in the night
That can cause a great big fright!!!!!!!!!!

Halloween Night
by Erin M.

Witches and goblins scare at night
Werewolves and ghosts get in a fight.
A treat or treater has a cat
Who was wearing a big black hat.
Trick or treaters fill the streets
Getting lots of good things to eat!

by Joyce C.

Black-cats roam the earth
On Halloween night
People cut out pumpkins make
them quit a fright
Witches fly all over town
Always wearing an awful frown.

Halloween Night
by Nina C.

Ghosts and goblins rule the night
Black cats hide and cause a fright
Witches are trying to give us a scare
As they fly thorugh the air
Skeletions fight with the bats
who are wearing big black hats
So,here I come.
Get out my way!
I am here to save this Halloween Day

Halloween Fright
by Luis D.

Ghosts and goblins give a fright
Witches ride their brooms all night
Kids from town shout,"Trick or treat"
To get something good to eat
Bats come out on Halloween night
Because it gives such a fright
Jack-o-lanterns glow at me
They are really fun to see! Boo!

by David R.

Witches and goblins are making stew
Oh no! It looks blue.
Werewolves are howling at the moon
Are they singing an awful tune?
Scarecrows rule the pumpkin patch
It should be locked with a big latch.

On Halloween Night
by Jessica F.

On Halloween Night the ghosts eat toast
They really think they’re the most
Wi tches look scary in big black hats
They are mean carrying their furry cats
The jack-o-lanterns give us a fright
That's what happens on Halloween night!

by Samantha Chaplain

Halloween,Halloween Oh what a scary night. With white ghouts that say BOOOOOO!! all night. The only night when whiches rule the night!