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Special thanks to Ms. Pacifico's class at Sacred Heart Private School, Bronx, NY for giving me a chance to do what I love best. Give Advice!

Dear Coco, what do you say when you have to eat weird food at your relatives' house?
I like tasting new, exotic foods, so I say "Thank You." If I don't want something, I say, "No, Thank You."

Dear CoCo, how can I get all the gifts I want?
Don't ask for a lot and don't pick things that you know your friends and family can't afford. Acting like a little angel for a few weeks can't hurt either.

Dear CoCo, why can't we have food fights during the holidays?
Because food and clothes cost money, would you throw away money? They also can seriously impact your chances of getting on you-know-who's "Whose been nice" list.

Dear CoCo, what would be a good way to make new friends during the holidays?

Dear CoCo, I do want to get my babysitter a gift, but I do not know what to get her, HELP!
How about a special coupon book you make yourself. Put coupons in for nice things you can do for your babysitter, Like a coupon for "One Hour of Peace & Quiet" or "Twenty minutes of Kitchen Cleanup" or "Two Bear Hugs."

Dear CoCo, how do we respect the holidays?
One way to respect the holidays is to learn more about what various traditions and customs mean. When you visit friends' houses, ask about how they celebrate their holidays and why. A desire to better understand something is the best form of respect you can show.

Dear CoCo, how should I react when people introduce me to other people and I get tired of it?
Make it more interesting by first introducing yourself. Or be ready with a fun introduction! Mine is, "Hi, I'm CoCo Jaymz, the littlest Diva! Who are you!"

CoCo Jaymz by Daniel Peddle, first published in the Holiday 1995 issue of ZuZu.

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